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Vibston Aero

Vibston Aero - Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of a light civil helicopter «OSA». Located in 35 km from Kiev, in Ivankov village, company owns 3,400 sq.m. production facility. Works on the OSA helicopter have been going on since 2012 and today the company is ready to show the results

Equipment Company Vibston Aero
Purpose: the highest standard!

Purpose: the highest standard!

In 2012, the goal was defined: “to offer two-seats personal helicopter of the highest standard”. Key: "the highest standard". What is the meaning we put into this concept? "The highest standard" consists of a one-time combination of all the parameters below:

  • safe, certified
  • high-speed, nimble
  • reliable, high resource
  • not expensive to buy, not expensive to maintain
  • comfortable inside, very prestigious
  • easy to fly
  • able to set the records

Current achievements

  • designed OSA helicopter
  • was built two helicopters for tests
  • were made static tests of two helicopters
  • were conducted flight tests of two helicopters
  • OSA helicopter was officcially patented
  • 1000+ hours flying time, operating in all weather conditions, flying for two years in a row
  • real crash tests
  • real landings with imitation of system failures
  • OSA helicopter serial production factory is already running
Current achievements
video helicopter Vibston Aero сompany
  • 236 km/h (147 mph) speed
  • 6 m/s (1180 fpm) autorotation speed
  • proven resources of units and mechanisms: 1000+ hours
  • positive static test results
  • positive crash test results
  • registration and airworthiness

Currently we are working on:

weight loss program: up to < 400 kg (< 881 lb); the ultralight class will simplify the procedure for obtaining airworthiness

improved ergonomics (two integrated luggage compartments)

improving the efficiency of the tail rotor

What's next?


The second phase of the flight test OCA v2


Completion of preparations for serial production of the OSA v2 helicopter


End of the second phase of flight tests of the OSA v2


Start of serial production of OCA v2 helicopters and receiving orders

Вертолет OСA v2
Вертолет OСA v2

 OSA v2 Available to order since 01.03.2021

  • Empty weight < 400 kg (< 881 lb)
  • Speed: 236 km/h (147 mph)
  • Autorotation: 6 m/s (1180 fpm)
  • Resource: 2 000+ hours
  • safe (units and mechanisms have a proven resource of 2000+ hours, autorotation 6 m/s (1180 fpm))
  • automotive gasoline 89 (AI-95) (inexpensive fuel available everywhere)
  • low cost of TBO and flight hour ($ 53.70 / hour)
  • record handle ability (speed of 236 km/h, rate of climb 12 m/s)
  • ergonomics (get-in stairs, "heels" on the chassis, two internal luggage compartments)
  • record payload (370 kg)
  • certificate type UA (compliance with aviation standards, use in aviation schools, use for commercial purposes and / or government agencies)
  • registration under the simplified procedure for the ultralight class (empty weight < 400 kg)
  • reasonable price (from $149 000 for a two-seats helicopter ready for flight)
advantages of the OSA Vibston Aero Helicopter

OSA helicopter technical data

Empty weight430 kg (948 lb)
Gross weight800 kg (1763 lb)
Useful load370 kg (816 lb)
Fuel consumption (cruise)29 l per hour (7,6 gallons per hour)
Maximum speed236 km/h (147 mph)
Rate of climb12 m/s (2 360 fpm)
Autorotation, m/sм/с 6 m/s (1 180 fpm)
Hover Out Of Ground Effect (HOGE)2 000 m (6 560 feet)
Main materials used:carbon, titanium, aluminum
Power plant (engine):IO-36 SUBARU, boxer 6-cylinder, 200 hp at 4700 rpm
Cruise speed200 km/h (124 mph)
Fuel tank (89 automotive gasoline )100 l (26,4 gallons)
Fuel consumption (hovering)39 l per hour (10,3 gallons per hour)
Max. range of flight600 km (373 miles)
Max. flight duration3 hours
Overall length (with blades)9,00 m (25,9 feet)
Overall length (without blades)6,90 m (22,6 feet)
Height2,45 m (8,0 feet)
Width (landing gear track)1,80 m (5,9 feet)
Main rotor diameter7,60 m (24,9 feet)
Tail rotor diameter1,36 m (4,5 feet)
Clearance0,49 m (1,6 foot)
Cabin heater+
Operating temperature range, °C-45/+40 оС (-49/+104 F)
Main units resources

Main units

Main rotor blades2 000 hours
Tail rotor blades2 000 hours
Main gearbox2 000 hours
Tail gearbox2 000 hours
Swashplate2 000 hours
Fuselage4 000 hours
Engine2 000 hours
UnitOverhaul resourceTotal resourceLife
1Main rotor blades1 000 h2 000 h15 years
2Tail rotor blades1 000 h2 000 h15 years
3Main gearbox2 000 hours or 5 years4 000 hon condition
4Tail gearbox2 000 hours or 5 years4 000 hon condition
5Swashplate2 000 hours or 5 years4 000 hon condition
6Engine IO-362 000 hours or 5 years4 000 hon condition
7Fuselage2 000 hours or 5 years8 000 hon condition
8Spark plugs100 h100 h-
9Fuel filter100 h100 h-
10Oil filter100 h100 h-
11Air filter100 h100 h-
12Rubber pipes of the cooling system5 years5 years5 years
13Fuel hoses10 years10 years10 years
14Transmission belts2 000 h2 000 h5 years
15Main drive belt pulley2 000 h2 000 hon condition
16Overrunning clutch1 000 h or 5 years2 000 hon condition
17Lamellar coupling of the transmission shaft of the main gearbox500 h2 000 h-
18Lamellar coupling of the transmission shaft of the tail gearbox1 000 h4 000 h-
19Bearings of the closed type of transmission shaft and belt drive2 000 h2 000 h5 years
20Engine elastic coupling2 000 h2 000 h5 years
21Rubber engine dampers2 000 h2 000 h5 years
22Rubber shock absorber main gearbox2 000 h2 000 h5 years
23Rubber strap absorber2 000 h2 000 h5 years
24Cuffs and rings rubber2 000 h2 000 h5 years
25Electric equipment--15 years